Bar Refaeli’s Bikini

There’s not a week goes by without the American tabloids drooling over Bar Refaeli. In the past 10 days Bar has been vacationing in Greece with her Israeli friends, occasionally twitting pictures of her in a bikini, and most of the pictures found their way to TMZ and Co.

Here’s a picture from TMZ’s website, after calling Leonardo DiCaprio’s breakup with Bar “his life decision.”

Another popular gossip blog published some other photos of Bar splashing in the water, dancing in the sand with pals, and sipping on a cold drink during their fun day in the sun.

And finally, the New York Post reminds us that although she’s having fun now, Bar is a full-time-job supermodel, and publishes a glimpse of Bar’s new swimsuit campaign for the Aqua Bendita’s 2012 catalogue, in which she looks sexier than ever.

Also, on Wednesday TMZ uploaded a “hotness poll”, after Brazilian model Suelyn Medeiros went down to the Dead Sea in Israel and photographed herself covered with mud, like Bar Refaeli did a few weeks ago. You are more than welcome to vote for Bar!


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Idan Raichel at the Martin Luther King Memorial Dedication

Israeli world-music sensation, Idan Raichel, will perform at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Dedication. Raichel will join Anita Baker, Aretha Franklin, Bebe Winans, Jennifer Hudson, Al Green, India Arie and Jamie Foxx.

The Message in the Music Concert of Civil Rights Era Music started yesterday, August 24, and going through August 28 to celebrate the dedication of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial. Idan Raichel gave his first performance yesterday at a private event, and will give a public performance on Sunday, at the Pre Dedication Musical Event. Tickets are still available here.

“The message in the Music Concert will be an evening to enjoy the sounds of yesterday and be inspired for tomorrow. This concert will pay homage to the vital role Motown music played in the civil rights movement,” said Harry E. Johnson, Sr., president and CEO of the Washington, DC Martin Luther King, Jr. National Memorial Project Foundation, Inc.

The Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial is the first on the National Mall to honor a man of peace, hope, and color, and will be dedicated on August 28 in a West Potomac Park ceremony on the 48th anniversary of the March on Washington and Dr. King’s historic “I Have a Dream” speech.

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Israeli Jouralist Noy Alooshe Gets an International Wikipedia Page

Congratulations to Israeli journalist and also YouTube sensation, Noy Alooshe, who launched his international Wikipedia page, since the latest revolution in Libya raises his “Zenga Zenga” song back to the daily talks.

Alooshe was the latest Israeli to make waves in the Arab world, when he turned Muammar al Gaddafi’s speech into a club track and  turned it into a YouTube sensation overnight.

As a result of his success from the video ‘Zenga Zenga’, Alooshe shared that he is also now receiving many commercial offers: “These days are crazy because advertisers are calling me and wanting me to do productions for them,” he says, ” Music companies want to sell the song on iTunes.” Alooshe has also received antisemitic death threats, though he said he is not too concerned since “at the moment they remain on the Internet.”

Apart from Zenga Zenga, his by-  far best known work, he also spoofed Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech in front of  Congress to the tune of “We No Speak Americano” as “Bi Bi pro Americano”and is a part of the group ‘Hovevey Zion’ (‘Lovers of Zion’) alongside the successful producer and DJ Dor Dekel.

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Israeli Show Gets Hungarian Remake

HBO EUROPE AIMS TO RAISE THE NUMBER of local productions, concentrating on big-budget drama series with quality as well as cost. One of the new shows is the Hungarian “Tarsas Jatek” (‘When Shall We Kiss’), which chronicles life among a group of young urban adults, presenting relationship dramas in a humorous way in a 30-minute format. The 12-episode debut season will premier in Hungary on October 23.

 “Tarsas Jatek” is based on top-rated Israeli TV series “Matay nitnashek,” which was adapted for local audiences. The show originally aired on Channel 10 in Israel in 2007 and was written by critically acclaimed actress Dalit Kahn, who also starred in it, alongside Lior Ashkenazi  (‘Footnote’) and Israeli Kids’ Channel rising starlet, Adi Ezroni.

 “When Shall We Kiss” is the second Israeli format to come to central Europe and HBO. Last December, HBO Romania aired a local version of “Be-tipul,” the basis for U.S. HBO hit “In Treatment,” starring Gabriel Byrne.

 “The Hungarian version of “When Shall We Kiss” resonates across cultures because it represents real life,” series director Gabor Herendi told ‘Variety’ last week. “The characters are typical. When I saw the Israeli series, I said, ‘This guy is just like a friend of mine.’ … We changed a lot of things, details for characters that didn’t fit the local situation. Now the series is really Hungarian.”

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President Obama’s Reading Material: David Grossman’s New Book

PRESIDENT OBAMA’S VACATION READING includes the best-selling Israeli novel “To the End of the Land” by David Grossman, which, according to a White House statement, is one of three that Obama took to his 10-day vacation on Martha’s Vineyard, in Massachusetts.

“To the End of the Land” describes the emotional strains that family members of soldiers experience when their loved ones are deployed into combat. Grossman began writing the novel in May 2003 when his oldest son Yonatan was serving in the Israeli Defense Forces and the book was largely complete by August 2006 when his younger son Uri was killed in the Second Lebanon War. Originally written in Hebrew and called “Isha Borachat Mi Bsora” (‘A Woman Escapes from News’), an English translation by Jessica Cohen was published in September 2010 to widespread critical acclaim, and won 2011’s Jewish Quarterly-Wingate Literary Prize (JQ Wingate Prize).

Buy “To the End of the Land” on Amazon

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Israeli Show “Gavoha & Greenbaum” was Picked Up by ABC

“GAVOHA & GREENBAUM” (‘HIGHER & GREENBAUM’)IS AN ISRAELI TV series which was developed and produced by Ami Amir (Matar Productions), and revolves around two aspiring photographers from Ramat-Gan (a city near Tel Aviv) who want to make it in the film business.

The show has recently been pushed back to a late night broadcasting buy Keshet Channel 2, claiming that the show is rated PG14 and therefore shouldn’t be broadcast before 11PM.

In a letter that Amir sent the Israeli Second Broadcasting Service Authority , he reveals that he sold the rights to the format of the show to Sony, and even the American network people thought the show deserves to be on primetime. “I met with CBS President Nina Tassler during my last visit to US, “Amir says in his letter, “she was interested in buying the format, but the people at ABC were ahead of her. Sony and ABC are currently working on adapting the show to the American audience and writing the pilot, designating the series for primetime broadcasting, between 21:30-22:30.”

If the show indeed finds its way to primetime ABC, it will be the 4th show airing on Keshet that was sold to America, after ‘Traffic Lights’ and ‘Homeland’ (FOX) and ‘The Ex-List’ (CBS).

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American Radio-Host Glenn Beck Attracts Huge Crowd in Israel

THE U.S. COMMENTATOR GLENN BECK, WHOSE NATIONALLY syndicated talk-radio show airs throughout the United States on Premiere Radio Networks, attracts crowd of some 3,000 people (mostly American Christians) yesterday at Caesarea amphitheater in Israel with his talk show that included guest speakers historian David Barton, Rabbi Shlomo Riskin and the award winning journalist and author, Mike Evans.

The 90-minutes-show opened with a dissection of Israel’s significance that felt more like a news channel studio debate than a live show. Beck actually spoke relatively little (although he did manage to cry often), giving the floor over instead to his main guests, who did pretty much what they were presumably booked for: Barton brought historical gravitas to the words of the Bible, Evans recounted a traumatic childhood of anti-Semitic taunts from which he was saved by a vision of Christ, and Riskin spoke of Jewish appreciation for the support of the Christian pro-Israel community, and in particular that of Glenn Beck, who, according to Riskin, is a “deeply patriotic American, a true friend of Israel.”

The show, which was also broadcasted live for more than 80 countries at Beck’s new television channel (GBTV), closed with words of wisdom from Beck himself: “We bring truth, we bring peace, we bring support, we bring comfort,” Beck said of his reason for bringing his roadshow to Israel as he closed off the evening. “Let the Jewish people know, no matter what our governments may say, we are not our governments, we stand with you.”

Glenn Beck is scheduled to another event, which is already sold out, this Wednesday at the Davidson Center in Jerusalem.


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