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NBC has Picked Up Another Israeli Drama

Israeli formats continue to be hot in Hollywood. After ABC picked up the rights to ‘Gavoha & Greenbaum,’ now NBC has picked up the rights to the Israeli drama ‘Timrot Ashan’ (‘Pillars of Smoke’), created by Noah Stollman and Oded Davidoff.

The mystery drama, whose second season is about to start in Israel, is set in the rural Golan Heights area of Israel and follows the police investigation into the disappearance of a remote cult form the area.The police uncover the darkest secrets of the region and its inhabitants, as well as a grander political conspiracy and environmental disaster from which the cult members are attempting to escape. NBC executives describe the show as a mixture of ‘Twin Peaks,’ ‘Northern Exposure’ and ‘Lost.’

Peter Traugott (‘Samantha Who’) will executive produce the NBC version with his development executive Rachel Kaplan. Alongside Traugott, Israeli producer Alon Aranya, who imported the series stateside, is also listed as a producer for this project, in addition to him co-producing another Israeli drama-The Naked Truth- with former Dexter showrunner Clyde Phillips.


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The Hit List: This Week’s Hottest Entertainment in Israel (Week 35, 2011)

Israel has gone on a Smurf-craze since ‘The Smurfs’ was released, and this week, even when the movie grossed a lot less than the weeks before, it’s still very high above the average grossing for a #1 Israeli movie. It has made more than $600,000, leaving ‘Rise of Planet of the Apes’ as a non-mover at number 2. ‘Cowboys & Aliens’ starring Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford and Olivia Wilde, is this week’s highest new entry in the blockbusters’ chart.

In music, while there’s no change at the top 5 in the international air-play chart, there’s still a new number 1. The bizarre ‘Pata Pata’ gains 90 spins on the Israeli radio stations this week, and is brought to the top of the chart. In the domestic air-play chart, however, there’re a lot of changes. Last week’s number 1, Idan Yaniv, is kicked out of the top five, while former Israeli idol Idan Amedi is making a new entry at number 1, and there’s another new entry at #3 for the highly successful Mediterranean male vocalist, Moshe Peretz.

In television, we gave you a glimpse of what Israelis are watching on the biggest commercial channels in Israel, and besides the weekly news there’re two shows that are actually the biggest and most talked about at the moment.

The Israeli version of ‘Master Chef’ which airs twice a week and amazingly gets the #1 and #2 spots, and new original comedy ‘Sabrey Maranan,’ that follows the big Jewish family of a newly wedded couple. The comedy’s secret ingredients are its actors, most of them hugely famous in Israel for years, both on TV and in theater: Yehoram Gaon, Sandra Sade, Tuvya Tzafir and Yona Elian.

Music: Airplay Chart – International

1. Milk and Sugar Feat. Miriam Makeba and Jungle Brother – Hi-A Ma (Pata Pata)

2. Bruno Mars – Marry You
3. Sak Noel – Loca People
4. Adele – Set Fire to the Rain
5. Maroon 5 Feat. Christina Aguilera – Moves Like Jagger

Music: Airplay Chart – Domestic (Israeli)

1. Idan Amedi – ‘Elayich’ (‘To You’)

2. Avihu Shabbat – ‘Ei Efshar Itach’ (‘Impossible with You’)
3. Moshe Peretz – ‘Elef Pe’amim’ (‘A Thousand Times’)
4. Yhuda Poliker – ‘Puma Puma’
5. Adir Getz – ‘Boey Nered El Hayam’ (‘Let’s Go Down to the Beach’)

Movies: Box Office Chart

1. The Smurfs ($652,237)

‘The Smurfs’ Israeli Promo: This is how it sounds in Hebrew

2. Rise of the Planet of the Apes ($235,427)
3. Horrible Bosses ($82,932)
4. Cowboys & Aliens ($70,616)
5. Captain America: The First Avenger ($69,749)

Rating: This Week’s Biggest Shows in Israel (Domestic, Commercial channels)

1. Master Chef – Israel (Wednesday) (740,000 Viewers)
2. Master Chef – Israel (Thursday) (705,000 Viewers)
3. Channel 2 Weekly News (Saturday) (667,000 Viewers)
4. Sabrey Maranan (Saturday) (665,000 Viewers)

5. Sabrey Maranan (Wednesday) (660,000 Viewers)


(Music Charts are provided by Media Forest, TV Chart by Keshet-Channel 2, Box Office chart is powered by Box Office Mojo)

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Israeli Show Gets Hungarian Remake

HBO EUROPE AIMS TO RAISE THE NUMBER of local productions, concentrating on big-budget drama series with quality as well as cost. One of the new shows is the Hungarian “Tarsas Jatek” (‘When Shall We Kiss’), which chronicles life among a group of young urban adults, presenting relationship dramas in a humorous way in a 30-minute format. The 12-episode debut season will premier in Hungary on October 23.

 “Tarsas Jatek” is based on top-rated Israeli TV series “Matay nitnashek,” which was adapted for local audiences. The show originally aired on Channel 10 in Israel in 2007 and was written by critically acclaimed actress Dalit Kahn, who also starred in it, alongside Lior Ashkenazi  (‘Footnote’) and Israeli Kids’ Channel rising starlet, Adi Ezroni.

 “When Shall We Kiss” is the second Israeli format to come to central Europe and HBO. Last December, HBO Romania aired a local version of “Be-tipul,” the basis for U.S. HBO hit “In Treatment,” starring Gabriel Byrne.

 “The Hungarian version of “When Shall We Kiss” resonates across cultures because it represents real life,” series director Gabor Herendi told ‘Variety’ last week. “The characters are typical. When I saw the Israeli series, I said, ‘This guy is just like a friend of mine.’ … We changed a lot of things, details for characters that didn’t fit the local situation. Now the series is really Hungarian.”

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Israeli Show “Gavoha & Greenbaum” was Picked Up by ABC

“GAVOHA & GREENBAUM” (‘HIGHER & GREENBAUM’)IS AN ISRAELI TV series which was developed and produced by Ami Amir (Matar Productions), and revolves around two aspiring photographers from Ramat-Gan (a city near Tel Aviv) who want to make it in the film business.

The show has recently been pushed back to a late night broadcasting buy Keshet Channel 2, claiming that the show is rated PG14 and therefore shouldn’t be broadcast before 11PM.

In a letter that Amir sent the Israeli Second Broadcasting Service Authority , he reveals that he sold the rights to the format of the show to Sony, and even the American network people thought the show deserves to be on primetime. “I met with CBS President Nina Tassler during my last visit to US, “Amir says in his letter, “she was interested in buying the format, but the people at ABC were ahead of her. Sony and ABC are currently working on adapting the show to the American audience and writing the pilot, designating the series for primetime broadcasting, between 21:30-22:30.”

If the show indeed finds its way to primetime ABC, it will be the 4th show airing on Keshet that was sold to America, after ‘Traffic Lights’ and ‘Homeland’ (FOX) and ‘The Ex-List’ (CBS).

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The Hit List: This Week’s Hottest Entertainment in Israel (Week 34, 2011)

Here’s another weekly report of the biggest songs, movies and TV Shows in Israel: In Movies, ‘The Smurfs’ continues to rule at the box office this weekend as well (Israelis LOVE The Smurfs!) as grossing almost $2.5 million in its 2 weeks running, which is a lot for the Israeli market. ‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes’ makes a nice entry into #2, pushing the most successfull comedy of the year, ‘Bridesmaids,’ out of the top 5.

In Music there’s a new entry straight into #1 on the domestic chart, Idan Yaniv, the new prince of Mediterranean music, with his self-titled song, pushes Adir Getz down one slot to number 2. On the International music scene there’s no change at the top, aside from Adele’s new single, ‘Set Fire to the Rain,’ which has peaked at number one in Belgium, Poland and the Netherlands and is now going up to number 2 in Israel, aiming to get to the top spot next week. Also, ‘The Voice’s judges, Adam Levine and Christina Aguilera, are making their way to the top 5 this week with ‘Move Like Jagger.’

Finally, we received the top 5 TV shows on cable, and it’s no surprise that ‘House’ is in the lead after a few members of its cast paid a visit to the Holy Land earlier this year, but it is a surprise to see 2 Showtime dramas in the top 5.

Music: Airplay Chart – International

1. Bruno Mars – Marry You
2. Adele – Set Fire to the Rain

3. Milk and Sugar Feat. Miriam Makeba and Jungle Brother – Hi-A Ma (Pata Pata)
4. Sak Noel – Loca People
5. Maroon 5 Feat. Christina Aguilera – Moves Like Jagger

Music: Airplay Chart – Domestic (Israeli)

1. Idan Yaniv – Mi Im Lo Idan Yaniv (Who If Not Idan Yaniv)

2. Adir Getz – Boey Nered El Hayam (Let’s Go Down to the Beach)
3. Subliminal Feat. Liran Aviv – Me..Ohav (In…Love)
4. Yehuda Poliker – Puma Puma
5. Avihu Shabbat – E Efshar Itach (Impossible with You)

Movies: Box Office Chart

1. The Smurfs ($860,794)

2. Rise of the Planet of the Apes ($262,827)
3. Captain America: The First Avenger ($145,709)
4. Horrible Bosses ($124,366)
5. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part Two)($111,029)

Television: Biggest TV Shows (Cable)

1. House MD (Fox)

2. CSI (CBS)
3. The Big C (Showtime)
4. Mad Men (AMC)
5. The Borgias (Showtime)

(Music Charts are provided by Media Forest, TV Chart by Hot Cable TV Entertainment, Box Office chart is powered by Box Office Mojo)

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Jeremy Piven’s Birthright

By Yanir Dekel

JEREMY PIVEN IS VERY BUSY THESE DAYS, but not only with the last season of ‘Entourage’ (Sundays at 10pm, HBO) which he promotes endlessly, and his forthcoming new kids’ movie ‘Spy Kids: All the Time in the World in 4-D.’ Piven is also planning his first trip to Israel. “Being Jewish, being ‘Bar Mitzva’d’, growing up in a very religious household, I’ve been planning my trip to Israel for years and I’m finally doing it,” he says in a video interview with Ynet (the biggest Israeli news website). Piven is planning to come for a personal vacation in October, right in time for the Jewish high-holiday season.

Piven is best known for the role of Ari Gold in ‘Entourage’ for which he has won three Primetime Emmy Awards, as well as several other nominations for Best Supporting Actor. “My father was practically a Rabbi, he was a very religious man,” Piven says in the interview. “He passed away just before I started ‘Entourage,’ so he never got to see any of that.”

Piven is also known for having tons of famous Israeli friends such as actresses/models Moran Atias and Bar Paly. Looking forward to have you in Israel, Jeremy!

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Actress Noa Tishby Releases a New Single in Israel

By Yanir Dekel

You have probably seen Noa Tishby before as guest-star in a lot of American hit TV shows, like “NCIS,” “Nip / Tuck,” “Charmed” and many more. She also played one of Matthew McConaughey’s ex-girlfriends in the 2009 blockbuster “Ghosts of Girlfriends Past.” Tishby is also responsible for adapting the Israeli TV series “In Treatment” and producing the American show on HBO. Now she’s going back to her roots and starring in a new TV series in Israel.

“2.3 a Week” is a new drama which premiered on Sunday July 24 on Channel 10 in Israel, where Noa plays a famous singer, who’s married and has an affair with a bachelor soundman, played by Ori Pfeffer (who recently finished filming “The Iceman” in Hollywood, where he plays opposite James Franco and Oscar-winner Benicio Del Toro). Parallel to that story, the new TV drama tells another 3 stories, all revolving around love, relationships and couplehood.

For the show, Noa has recorded a song that was released earlier this week in Israel, entitled “It Doesn’t Feel the Same” (“Ze Lo Margish Oto Davar”), produced by Johnny Goldstein, half of the new international duo, TYP.

This is not the first time Tishby released music. In 1996 she released an album under the name “Nona”, which was all in English and included a cover of Elvis Costello’s “Alison”. “Swim” was the second single off of this album, for which there was a music video produced – and here it is.

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