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Uri Geller Amazes Nigeria, Plus New Show in Ukraine

Uri Geller, an international phenomenon who is mostly known for bending spoons with his mind on live TV and stopping the Big Ben in London, is now mostly a motivational inspirational speaker who goes around the world and gives fascinating lectures, based on his extremely wide experience.

Earlier this week he visited Lagos, Nigeria, addressing leaders of the business community, saying that he believes that the secret of success in business is originality. “If you are original in your thinking you will succeed,” he said. “You don’t try one thing and when you fail you give up. No! You try many things because the more you try the more opportunities that open for you and you don’t close your mind on one track, you open up your mind for many possibilities.”

Uri also commented about the partners one should choose for a business. “You become a partner to somebody you trust. Get somebody to share the risk of the business with you and encourage everyone to use their minds in the success process . The secret of success is to visualize what you want to achieve,” he said. “Play it in your mind like the movie and say to yourself that this is going to work, this is going to happen and come to my life. When we think about anything we are creating energy, mind energy.”

This week Uri Geller heads to the Ukraine, to launch a live TV reality-based show, “Phenomenon”, that aims to find the next Uri Geller. The show is based on an Israeli show that aired a few years ago and crowned Lior Suchard as the next Israeli Uri Geller. Since then Suschard has had international success, had his own show in Vegas, and appeared on several talk shows, including Tonight with Jay Leno. The next Ukrainian Uri Geller premieres on August 29, and will continue every Monday for 11 weeks.

Later this year Mr. Geller is scheduled to speak in England (September 22) and Finland (November 26).


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President Obama’s Reading Material: David Grossman’s New Book

PRESIDENT OBAMA’S VACATION READING includes the best-selling Israeli novel “To the End of the Land” by David Grossman, which, according to a White House statement, is one of three that Obama took to his 10-day vacation on Martha’s Vineyard, in Massachusetts.

“To the End of the Land” describes the emotional strains that family members of soldiers experience when their loved ones are deployed into combat. Grossman began writing the novel in May 2003 when his oldest son Yonatan was serving in the Israeli Defense Forces and the book was largely complete by August 2006 when his younger son Uri was killed in the Second Lebanon War. Originally written in Hebrew and called “Isha Borachat Mi Bsora” (‘A Woman Escapes from News’), an English translation by Jessica Cohen was published in September 2010 to widespread critical acclaim, and won 2011’s Jewish Quarterly-Wingate Literary Prize (JQ Wingate Prize).

Buy “To the End of the Land” on Amazon

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American Radio-Host Glenn Beck Attracts Huge Crowd in Israel

THE U.S. COMMENTATOR GLENN BECK, WHOSE NATIONALLY syndicated talk-radio show airs throughout the United States on Premiere Radio Networks, attracts crowd of some 3,000 people (mostly American Christians) yesterday at Caesarea amphitheater in Israel with his talk show that included guest speakers historian David Barton, Rabbi Shlomo Riskin and the award winning journalist and author, Mike Evans.

The 90-minutes-show opened with a dissection of Israel’s significance that felt more like a news channel studio debate than a live show. Beck actually spoke relatively little (although he did manage to cry often), giving the floor over instead to his main guests, who did pretty much what they were presumably booked for: Barton brought historical gravitas to the words of the Bible, Evans recounted a traumatic childhood of anti-Semitic taunts from which he was saved by a vision of Christ, and Riskin spoke of Jewish appreciation for the support of the Christian pro-Israel community, and in particular that of Glenn Beck, who, according to Riskin, is a “deeply patriotic American, a true friend of Israel.”

The show, which was also broadcasted live for more than 80 countries at Beck’s new television channel (GBTV), closed with words of wisdom from Beck himself: “We bring truth, we bring peace, we bring support, we bring comfort,” Beck said of his reason for bringing his roadshow to Israel as he closed off the evening. “Let the Jewish people know, no matter what our governments may say, we are not our governments, we stand with you.”

Glenn Beck is scheduled to another event, which is already sold out, this Wednesday at the Davidson Center in Jerusalem.


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Tel Aviv: A Startup Capital

TEL AVIV IS LISTED AS THE HOTTEST STARTUP CAPITAL IN THE SEPTEMBER issue of the British version of the computer and tech magazine ‘Wired,’ on stands now. According to the magazine, Israel’s technology exports hit $28.5 billion in 2010, and soon there will be a ‘next wave’ of businesses to watch.

The article describes ‘Silicon Wadi,’ the Mediterranean interpretation of California’s ‘Silicon Valley,’ and from which came so many widely adopted high-tech products, such as ICQ instant messaging, wireless-internet technologies and USB memory sticks.

The numbers say that Israeli companies are actually the biggest non-US block on the Nasdaq exchange. The country is home to research and development departments of some of the world’s biggest tech companies, including Google, Microsoft, Oracle and Intel.

The top 10 hottest new high-tech companies according to Wired:
The Gift Project – sells plug-ins, standalone sites and white-box software that allow people to chip in to buy a present for a friend online (Founder: Ron Gura) – can tag a face in a photo even when it is turned away, half hidden, smiling inanely or wearing sunglasses (Founder: Gil Hirsh)
Wibiya – provides easy-to-install and easily customisable apps for website owners to add to their sites. (Founders: Dror Ceder and Daniel Tal)
Onavo– compressing inbound data before it is sent down to smart- phones (Founders: Guy Rosen and Roi Tiger)
Billguard– scans customers’ online credit-card and utility bills for errors, hidden fees, scams and fraud. (Founders: Yaron Samid and Refael Ouzan)
Snaptu – turns internet-enabled phones into smartphones by running apps in a cloud. Bought by Facebook for a rumored $40 million. (Founder: Ran Makavy) – an app that will use voice recognition and semantic analysis to translate commands into actions Soluto – crowdsourcing to improve PC performance. (Founders: Itay kahana, Yoni Lindenfeld, Omer Perchik)
Boxee – A rival to the Apple TV that relays rich media from the internet and a user’s home collection to their television. (Founders: Avner Ronen, Idan Cohen)
Taykey – business-to-business provider that tracks internet trends in real-time, giving advertisers more accurate data about their customers’ interests at any specific time. (Founders: Amit Avner, Itay Birnboim)

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Bar Refaeli: Still Hot

By Yanir Dekel

FOR THOSE WHO FEEL LIKE THEY HAVEN’T HEARD the name Bar Refaeli for a long time, the hot Israeli model will appear on the cover of September’s British GQ magazine, which is already on newsstands. It’s called “The Hot Issue” and includes the biggest female models from around the world. It was not so long ago that Refaeli appeared in the Italian version of the magazine, wearing nothing but a helmet and using her hands to cover up.

“I know every bone. Which turn of the hip is sexier, which toe to curl or leg to straighten,” she said in the interview for the magazine which was held in Tel Aviv. As the pictures prove, she certainly wasn’t exaggerating.

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Israeli Researches Track a Deadly Virus

SEVERAL OUTBREAKS OF THE WEST NILE VIRUS, which causes fever or severe neurological symptoms affecting the brain, have ravaged the US since 1999.
The virus, which was first recorded in the 1930s, believed to have originated in Egypt, is now spreading globally to Western Europe and North America, says Ella Mendelson of Tel Aviv University’s School of Public Health, according to the university’s statement. Researchers are not certain as to how the virus migrated here — and they don’t know how, or where, it will strike next.

Mendelson and her fellow researchers at the Central Virology Lab in Israel are geographically tracking the virus, recording where it originates, the genetic types of the virus that are circulated, and the dynamics of infection, hoping that by providing more information on the dynamics and mobility of the virus, it could also solve the mystery of how the virus migrates.

The West Nile virus is a type of virus known as a flavivirus. Researchers believe West Nile virus is spread when a mosquito bites an infected bird and then bites a person. Mosquitos carry the highest amounts of virus in the early fall, which is why the rate of the disease increases in late August to early September. The risk of disease decreases as the weather becomes colder and mosquitos die off. Although many people are bitten by mosquitos that carry West Nile virus, a few people develop severe disease, but most do not know they’ve been exposed.

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Ellen Degeneres on Her Way to Israel?

By Yanir Dekel

Looks like the famous comedian and talk show host, who’s also an out lesbian, is going to open the 2012 Pride Week in Tel Aviv, in June next year. Degeners’s people are in talks with Israeli producer and social activist Nadav Peretz, who also brought one of the stars of the TV hit show ‘Queer as Folk,’ Randy Harrison, to the country last year.

Peretz was recently the founder and promoter of the social battle against Menachem Ben, a homophobic journalist in Israel, who made disparaging comments about the gay community as well as other minorities. The battle effectively resulted in Menachem Ben’s being fired from “Channel 2 News” and “Ma’ariv Publications” when he refused to apologize or change his ways.

Ellen Degeneres (53), is married to her longtime girlfriend Portia de Rossi, and is a social advocate who helps the gay community with its fight to legalize same-sex marriage in America.

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