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The Art of Making a Falafel

By David Caspi

A PRODUCTION TEAM OF AMERICAN PUBLIC BROADCASTING SERVICE– PBS – is to arrive at the end of the month in Israel for a special television shoot for the channel’s culinary gourmet show. Filming for two upcoming episodes of the PBS show “Cuisine Culture” will feature local cuisines of Israelis and Palestinians, as well as exploring the variety of delicacies in the Tel Aviv area.

Shaul Ben Aderet

An official press release states that famous Israeli chef, Shaul Ben Aderet, will co-host, showing the region of the Gilboa in the northern part of Israel. Later the two will be accompanied by a Palestinian chef from the city Jenin and the three will cook typical dishes from three cuisines to complement each other. For desert they will go on a hot air balloon ride across the Gilboa.

The show “Cuisine Culture” follows prominent, internationally renowned chef traveling across the globe, meeting leading chefs and exploring worldly cuisines. The Israeli episodes will be head by chef, Ashley Charles James. Born and trained in the UK, James has been the executive chef of the “Four Seasons” prestigious hotel in Beverly Hills since 1997, with the enviable task of keeping one of the city’s hottest dining spots sizzling for the high profile celebrity crowd. Most recently he took part in news coverage of the British royal wedding.

The show will air to millions of households around the US later this year, and will also get a special broadcast date in Israel. “Cuisine Culture” focuses on chefs in their natural environment and has already been sold to 26 countries around the world, including Italy, Russia, Belgium, France, Germany and Hong Kong. But none of them have the famous Israeli Falafel to share with the world.


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