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Sarah Silverman Found the Solution to the Middle East

TMZ, once again earned their status as the most Jewish show on television last Wednesday when they caught Sarah Silverman outside the Improv in LA and asked her about her latest trip to Israel.

Silverman spoke dramatically about the West Bank, saying “they kill and die for this precious land, meanwhile this whole place is filled with Cheetos bags,” (referring to how the streets are littered with, well, litter).

Sarah suggested that in order to solve the unfortunate situation in the country, Israelis and Palestinians should work on a project together, like a solar system (“Israel is all sun”), as you can see in this amusing video clip.

Silverman paid her first visit to Israel in the end of June, performing in Jerusalem as a special guest of the Israeli Committee of the President, and in Tel Aviv for a one night only show, in which she shared her first experience as a tourist in Israel, saying she had sex with president Shimon Peres, then had to change hotels because ‘the lobby smelled bad’ and also that she was afraid to come to Israel in the first place, even though her sister lives there (“I was afraid I’d be blown up and after my death people would say that I’ve never even wanted to come”). Sarah also said in Tel Aviv that she intended to vote for Barak Obama in 2012.


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Ellen Degeneres on Her Way to Israel?

By Yanir Dekel

Looks like the famous comedian and talk show host, who’s also an out lesbian, is going to open the 2012 Pride Week in Tel Aviv, in June next year. Degeners’s people are in talks with Israeli producer and social activist Nadav Peretz, who also brought one of the stars of the TV hit show ‘Queer as Folk,’ Randy Harrison, to the country last year.

Peretz was recently the founder and promoter of the social battle against Menachem Ben, a homophobic journalist in Israel, who made disparaging comments about the gay community as well as other minorities. The battle effectively resulted in Menachem Ben’s being fired from “Channel 2 News” and “Ma’ariv Publications” when he refused to apologize or change his ways.

Ellen Degeneres (53), is married to her longtime girlfriend Portia de Rossi, and is a social advocate who helps the gay community with its fight to legalize same-sex marriage in America.

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