Uri Geller Amazes Nigeria, Plus New Show in Ukraine

Uri Geller, an international phenomenon who is mostly known for bending spoons with his mind on live TV and stopping the Big Ben in London, is now mostly a motivational inspirational speaker who goes around the world and gives fascinating lectures, based on his extremely wide experience.

Earlier this week he visited Lagos, Nigeria, addressing leaders of the business community, saying that he believes that the secret of success in business is originality. “If you are original in your thinking you will succeed,” he said. “You don’t try one thing and when you fail you give up. No! You try many things because the more you try the more opportunities that open for you and you don’t close your mind on one track, you open up your mind for many possibilities.”

Uri also commented about the partners one should choose for a business. “You become a partner to somebody you trust. Get somebody to share the risk of the business with you and encourage everyone to use their minds in the success process . The secret of success is to visualize what you want to achieve,” he said. “Play it in your mind like the movie and say to yourself that this is going to work, this is going to happen and come to my life. When we think about anything we are creating energy, mind energy.”

This week Uri Geller heads to the Ukraine, to launch a live TV reality-based show, “Phenomenon”, that aims to find the next Uri Geller. The show is based on an Israeli show that aired a few years ago and crowned Lior Suchard as the next Israeli Uri Geller. Since then Suschard has had international success, had his own show in Vegas, and appeared on several talk shows, including Tonight with Jay Leno. The next Ukrainian Uri Geller premieres on August 29, and will continue every Monday for 11 weeks.

Later this year Mr. Geller is scheduled to speak in England (September 22) and Finland (November 26).


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