Bar Refaeli’s Bikini

There’s not a week goes by without the American tabloids drooling over Bar Refaeli. In the past 10 days Bar has been vacationing in Greece with her Israeli friends, occasionally twitting pictures of her in a bikini, and most of the pictures found their way to TMZ and Co.

Here’s a picture from TMZ’s website, after calling Leonardo DiCaprio’s breakup with Bar “his life decision.”

Another popular gossip blog published some other photos of Bar splashing in the water, dancing in the sand with pals, and sipping on a cold drink during their fun day in the sun.

And finally, the New York Post reminds us that although she’s having fun now, Bar is a full-time-job supermodel, and publishes a glimpse of Bar’s new swimsuit campaign for the Aqua Bendita’s 2012 catalogue, in which she looks sexier than ever.

Also, on Wednesday TMZ uploaded a “hotness poll”, after Brazilian model Suelyn Medeiros went down to the Dead Sea in Israel and photographed herself covered with mud, like Bar Refaeli did a few weeks ago. You are more than welcome to vote for Bar!

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