Israeli Jouralist Noy Alooshe Gets an International Wikipedia Page

Congratulations to Israeli journalist and also YouTube sensation, Noy Alooshe, who launched his international Wikipedia page, since the latest revolution in Libya raises his “Zenga Zenga” song back to the daily talks.

Alooshe was the latest Israeli to make waves in the Arab world, when he turned Muammar al Gaddafi’s speech into a club track and  turned it into a YouTube sensation overnight.

As a result of his success from the video ‘Zenga Zenga’, Alooshe shared that he is also now receiving many commercial offers: “These days are crazy because advertisers are calling me and wanting me to do productions for them,” he says, ” Music companies want to sell the song on iTunes.” Alooshe has also received antisemitic death threats, though he said he is not too concerned since “at the moment they remain on the Internet.”

Apart from Zenga Zenga, his by-  far best known work, he also spoofed Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech in front of  Congress to the tune of “We No Speak Americano” as “Bi Bi pro Americano”and is a part of the group ‘Hovevey Zion’ (‘Lovers of Zion’) alongside the successful producer and DJ Dor Dekel.

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