Israeli Show Gets Hungarian Remake

HBO EUROPE AIMS TO RAISE THE NUMBER of local productions, concentrating on big-budget drama series with quality as well as cost. One of the new shows is the Hungarian “Tarsas Jatek” (‘When Shall We Kiss’), which chronicles life among a group of young urban adults, presenting relationship dramas in a humorous way in a 30-minute format. The 12-episode debut season will premier in Hungary on October 23.

 “Tarsas Jatek” is based on top-rated Israeli TV series “Matay nitnashek,” which was adapted for local audiences. The show originally aired on Channel 10 in Israel in 2007 and was written by critically acclaimed actress Dalit Kahn, who also starred in it, alongside Lior Ashkenazi  (‘Footnote’) and Israeli Kids’ Channel rising starlet, Adi Ezroni.

 “When Shall We Kiss” is the second Israeli format to come to central Europe and HBO. Last December, HBO Romania aired a local version of “Be-tipul,” the basis for U.S. HBO hit “In Treatment,” starring Gabriel Byrne.

 “The Hungarian version of “When Shall We Kiss” resonates across cultures because it represents real life,” series director Gabor Herendi told ‘Variety’ last week. “The characters are typical. When I saw the Israeli series, I said, ‘This guy is just like a friend of mine.’ … We changed a lot of things, details for characters that didn’t fit the local situation. Now the series is really Hungarian.”

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