Israeli Show “Gavoha & Greenbaum” was Picked Up by ABC

“GAVOHA & GREENBAUM” (‘HIGHER & GREENBAUM’)IS AN ISRAELI TV series which was developed and produced by Ami Amir (Matar Productions), and revolves around two aspiring photographers from Ramat-Gan (a city near Tel Aviv) who want to make it in the film business.

The show has recently been pushed back to a late night broadcasting buy Keshet Channel 2, claiming that the show is rated PG14 and therefore shouldn’t be broadcast before 11PM.

In a letter that Amir sent the Israeli Second Broadcasting Service Authority , he reveals that he sold the rights to the format of the show to Sony, and even the American network people thought the show deserves to be on primetime. “I met with CBS President Nina Tassler during my last visit to US, “Amir says in his letter, “she was interested in buying the format, but the people at ABC were ahead of her. Sony and ABC are currently working on adapting the show to the American audience and writing the pilot, designating the series for primetime broadcasting, between 21:30-22:30.”

If the show indeed finds its way to primetime ABC, it will be the 4th show airing on Keshet that was sold to America, after ‘Traffic Lights’ and ‘Homeland’ (FOX) and ‘The Ex-List’ (CBS).

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