And the Nominees for the Israeli Oscar are…

By Yanir Dekel

EARLIER THIS WEEK, THE ISRAELI FILM ACADEMY ANNOUNCED the nominees for ‘The Ofir Prize,’ otherwise known as ‘The Israeli Oscars.’ The winner of ‘Best Picture’ will be sent, like every year, to compete for the ‘Best Foreign Film’ category at the Oscars which will be held in February 2012.

The Movie ‘Footnote’ (‘He’arat Shulayim’) is leading with 13 nominations, including nominations for Best Director (Joseph Cedar), Best Actor (Shlomo Baraba) and Best Supporting Actor and Actress. The movies ‘Good Morning Mr. Fidelman’ (‘Boker Tov Adon Fidelman’) and ‘My Beautiful Sister’ (‘Achoti Hayafa’) are following with 11 nominations each. Also nominated in the Best Picture category: ‘The Police Officer’
(‘Hashoter’) and ‘Guests for a Second’ (‘Orchim Le’Rega’).

The two movies that are expected to go head-to-head at the Israeli Oscars this year, ‘Good Morning Mr. Fidelman’ and ‘Footnote,’ are already gaining acclaim around the world. After the screening at the Cannes Festival earlier this yea (and ‘Footnote’ winning Best Foreign Script) , both of the movies were accepted to the Toronto Film Festival, the most important film festival in North America, that this September has run for 35 years. The movies ‘Footnote’ and ‘The Police Officer’ were accepted to the New York Film Festival which will occur at the end of September.

Good Luck to everyone and… We’ll be following!

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