Tel Aviv: A Startup Capital

TEL AVIV IS LISTED AS THE HOTTEST STARTUP CAPITAL IN THE SEPTEMBER issue of the British version of the computer and tech magazine ‘Wired,’ on stands now. According to the magazine, Israel’s technology exports hit $28.5 billion in 2010, and soon there will be a ‘next wave’ of businesses to watch.

The article describes ‘Silicon Wadi,’ the Mediterranean interpretation of California’s ‘Silicon Valley,’ and from which came so many widely adopted high-tech products, such as ICQ instant messaging, wireless-internet technologies and USB memory sticks.

The numbers say that Israeli companies are actually the biggest non-US block on the Nasdaq exchange. The country is home to research and development departments of some of the world’s biggest tech companies, including Google, Microsoft, Oracle and Intel.

The top 10 hottest new high-tech companies according to Wired:
The Gift Project – sells plug-ins, standalone sites and white-box software that allow people to chip in to buy a present for a friend online (Founder: Ron Gura) – can tag a face in a photo even when it is turned away, half hidden, smiling inanely or wearing sunglasses (Founder: Gil Hirsh)
Wibiya – provides easy-to-install and easily customisable apps for website owners to add to their sites. (Founders: Dror Ceder and Daniel Tal)
Onavo– compressing inbound data before it is sent down to smart- phones (Founders: Guy Rosen and Roi Tiger)
Billguard– scans customers’ online credit-card and utility bills for errors, hidden fees, scams and fraud. (Founders: Yaron Samid and Refael Ouzan)
Snaptu – turns internet-enabled phones into smartphones by running apps in a cloud. Bought by Facebook for a rumored $40 million. (Founder: Ran Makavy) – an app that will use voice recognition and semantic analysis to translate commands into actions Soluto – crowdsourcing to improve PC performance. (Founders: Itay kahana, Yoni Lindenfeld, Omer Perchik)
Boxee – A rival to the Apple TV that relays rich media from the internet and a user’s home collection to their television. (Founders: Avner Ronen, Idan Cohen)
Taykey – business-to-business provider that tracks internet trends in real-time, giving advertisers more accurate data about their customers’ interests at any specific time. (Founders: Amit Avner, Itay Birnboim)

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