Moran Atias’ New Gig

By Yanir Dekel

Actress Moran Atias is constantly on route between Tel Aviv and Los Angeles. Lately she guest-starred in 3 different American shows, ‘White Collar’ (in an episode that aired on June 21st), “C.S.I Miami” (May 1st) and in the comedy “Rules of Engagement” (aired in March), and you might have seen her on the big screen in ‘The Next Three Days’ starring opposite Russell Crowe.

But while she’s still busy building a career in LA and Italy (she speaks Italian fluently!) she is going to fly back to Israel this coming Sunday to shoot a campaign for the posh Israeli shoe stores TOGO. Atias signed the contract with the stores as the new face of TOGO, replacing another model who’s popular in Israel, Miri Buhadana. According to reports, Atias will get $120,000 to lead the campaign at least for the next year. Who says Israel’s economy is bad?! Congratulations Moran!

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