Actress Olivia Wilde Visits Jewish Memorial Site

By Yanir Dekel

According to “Jew Not a Jew” website, actress Olivia Wilde, who’s currently found success starring in the TV drama “House” and in 2 current big-screen blockbusters (“Cowboys vs. Aliens,” “The Change Up” ) , has a tiny bit of a Jewish blood in her.  Maybe that is why she chose to stop her hectic promotion schedule while in Germany, and took the time to pay her respects to the victims of the Holocaust at a memorial site in Berlin on Sunday (07Aug11).

 The visit was a part of her time-off to tour Berlin, a city that she has never been to before. She didn’t comment on visiting the Holocaust memorial site, but she did comment on the city on her Twitter page. She wrote, “Berlin is pretty fantastic.”

 Olivia’s uncle, journalist Alexander Cockburn, was known for his criticism of Israel and its government. Cockburn has written a great deal on the use of anti-Semitic accusations in modern politics, particularly by the state of Israel and its supporters, and has co-edited a book on the subject called The Politics of Anti-Semitism. Cockburn himself has also been accused of anti-Semitism, which he denies. He considers it an example of the use of that accusation to intimidate critics of Israel and divert attention away from Israel’s policies.

Olivia herself missed her chance to visit Israel earlier this year, when the rest of the cast of ‘House’ paid a short visit to the Holy Land, but Wilde was busy filming one of her upcoming movie, “Welcome to People,” in which she co-stars with Michelle Pfeiffer, Elizabeth Banks and Jon Favreau and due to open in 2012 .

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  1. deena

    Her great-great-great-great grnadfather was Sephardic Jew Ralph Bernal, who converted to Christianity.

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