After ‘Captain America’- ‘Captain Israel’?

THE MOVIE ‘CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER’ OPENED TWO WEEKS AGO in America and has already grossed a staggering $200 million around the world,
and now we receive the Israeli spoof: a comic book, entitled ‘Captain Israel’, illustrated and written by Arlen Schumer. The 1st issue is out this week.

As opposed to ‘Captain America,’ ‘Captain Israel’ is not out for a major fight against the bad guys, he’s simply here to fight anti-Semitism by explaining Israel’s history, and he makes you understand the situation that the country is in now. “I was there when Jewish civilization and national identity were formed 3000 years ago..” he says in the comic book and then goes on to explain the history of the nation.

Behind the ‘Captain Israel’ production you can find ‘Stand With Us,‘ an Israeli advocacy group that believes education is the road to peace. You can read here the first chapter.

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