The Name is Hussein. Uday Hussein.

By Yanir Dekel

IT’S NOT ENOUGH THAT SADDAM HUSSEIN WAS AN EVIL MAN, now they’re making a movie about his son. It will be out in limited release next Friday (July 29th) in America and stars ‘Mamma Mia’s Dominic Cooper (who also stars in ‘Captain America’ in theaters today) as both Saddam’s son, Uday, and his body double, who’s “hired” to protect him. “I was very worried to play him,” Dominic Cooper told ABBANIBI, “he had no moral code whatsoever. We also made an earlier choice not to make the movie a biographic detail of who these people were. We’re using it as a story which is utterly a gangster film.”

Have you met Uday’s real body-double?

“Yeah, I did. he’s a really interesting guy. I spent five or six hours with him when I first took the role on, and sometimes he’d want to talk about it, sometimes you could tell he wants to back up. Saddam had something like 5 doubles and at one period he wanted his sons as well. And there was a guy Uday knew from school and he forced him to do this. The guy said ‘I can’t do this, you force me to be a guy that I don’t want to become, I don’t want to be a part of your regime, so Uday said ‘I’ll kill you and your entire family,’ I mean, that’s how the man worked.”

As an important side-note, the evil Hussein family are not the only ones with body doubles. Some examples include the current Catholic Pope Benedict seen here with his body double, the evil emperor from Star Wars.

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