“Yes, Yossi, There is Finally Good Beer in Israel”

By Alex Maghen

THE JEWISH PEOPLE HAVE SUFFERED FOR MILLENNIA. The return to our Homeland promised self-determination and security. But the great thinkers behind Zionism – such luminaries as Herzl and Jabotinsky – apparently did not recognize the undeniable need for good beer as one of the basic building-blocks of a strong (if slightly tipsy) nation. For lo these 6+ decades since the founding of the State, our people have been forced to make due with mass-produced swill named Goldstar or Maccabi (Maccabi, which, for authenticity, actually TASTES like a boot of one of the great Jewish warriors of ancient Israel for which it is named).

But finally, there’s “JEM’S Beer Factory” in Petach Tikva, not far from Tel Aviv. Hear, O Israel, a world-class micro-brewery with Pils, Dark Lager, Amber Ale, Wheat, Stout, etc. Brewmaster Jeremy Welfeld, who made Aliya 15 years ago from the US, has not solved the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict. He has not addressed the challenges facing a country striving to be both a Jewish State and a Secular one at the same time… But at least, while we’re trying to figure that all out, we can have a decent brewsky.


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