Not Only Paris Hilton: NY Rabbi’s Sex Tape

By Yanir Dekel

SOMEBODY WAS CAUGHT WITH HIS DREIDEL OUT, and all on camera, according to Manhattan court records. What looks like a random hookup with two prostitutes in a hotel, turned out to be a sensational drama that can easily be turned into a ‘Lifetime’ TV movie.

Rabbi Abraham Rabinowich, the vice president of the Long Island Board of Rabbis, allegedly made an appointment with two hookers after his Shabbat service, and was caught on camera having hard-core sex with them in a hotel room. The whole scene was (allegedly) a set-up by his wife, Aroma, a well-respected psychologist in the community, who, according to Rabinowich’s lawyer, “is a very sick woman… the man has gone through hell with her.”

The “sex tape” and the photos were taken six years ago but never publicly released until now. Apparently, one of the hookers was Aroma’s private eye who probably took care of the whole filming thing (…who owns the movie rights, you ask?!), and Aroma says that the photos may still come back to haunt her ex-hubby when she makes a motion to the court to take custody of the kids and move with them to the West Coast on Aug. 17.

In the meantime in Israel, Rabbis follow the sex tapes trend: Haifa’s head of Rabbis, Shlomo Shlosh, had sent his lawyer over the past week that gently threatened one of the workers at the city’s religious council, that if he won’t help bring down the city’s head of religious council, Avi Weitzman, and make him resign, “embarrassing sex tapes will be released.” While no sex tapes have been actually released yet, we can’t argue that it sounds like a scene from a Hollywood mafia movie.

Mmmm… We have to say that this story’s aroma is a bit fishy.

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