Israeli Film ‘Precious Life’ is Nominated for VH1 Award

By Yanir Dekel

It might not have made the cut for the Oscars last year, but the Israeli documentary ‘Precious Life’ has now been nominated for the VH1 Award and the Do Something Organization Award (dedicated to people who are committed to causing social change in the world).

In ‘Precious Life,’ journalist Shlomi Eldar followed the amazing story of a Palestinian baby who was hospitalized in Israel for a bone narrow transplant during the peak of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The movie won the Israeli Ofir Award (the equivalent of The Oscars) for Best Documentary, and was shown in many film festivals around the globe. The distribution rights in America were recently bought by HBO.

‘A Precious Life’ has been nominated for the Doco-Style Award, so you can *do something* and vote for it here (you’ll be asked to take a minute and sign in to VH1’s website). Other nominees are Lady Gaga (Best Charity Song, Best Music Artist) Kathy Griffin (Best Comedian), Justin Bieber (Best Music Artist) and Paula Abdul (Best TV Star).

The VH1 Do Something Award ceremony will be held in LA on August 18, and will be hosted by Glee’s Jane Lynch (who will also host the Emmys in September). Live performances by Elton John, Linkin Park and more.

Shlomi Eldar commented on the nomination and said: “It’s an honor that an Israeli movie, speaking Hebrew and showing Israel in a different light than what the world usually sees in the media, is being considered by the Americans as something that can cause social change. We’re proud to present this side of Israel. The side of compassion, humanity and respect for others.”

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