The Bundy-Nowich Family

By Yanir Dekel

Being fashionably late, last year Israel bought the rights to the infamous 80’s hit comedy “Married with Children”, the TV show that made Ed O’Neal famous as Al Bundy, and also introduced us to Christina Applegate as Kelly.

Well, the show is now being converted to Judaism.

The format has been bought by ‘Keshet,’ one of the Channel 2 concessionaires, and is currently in production for 2 seasons with ‘Kastina Communications’ production company. Most of the casting has been done already. The role of Al Bundy will be played by Lior Ashkenazi, who is famous for the original Israeli version of ‘In Treatment,’ the series which was bought by HBO in 2008. His new movie, ‘Footnote,’ was the winner of the ‘Best Original Script’ at the Cannes Festival earlier this year.

More casting news: Dorit Bar-Or will play Peggy Bundy. We’ll have to wait and see if she’ll agree to run around the house with her nasty cleavage like Katey Sagal did in the original. Sexy model Noa Wallman is set to play Kelly (it’s brilliant to cast a model in this role. Says it all!) , and the neighbors Steve and Marcy (remember?) will be played by Shlomi Koriat and Tamar Keynan who are relatively unknown. The only role yet to be cast is that of Bundy’s son, Bud, who was originally played by David Faustino.

The adaptation for the Israeli audience will be done by Shlomo Mashiah and Noa Pnini and director Ofer Weizman. We’ll keep you posted when there are more details.The changes between the 80’s American show and the 2011’s Israeli show should be very interesting!

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