Moby Won’t Surrender to the Palestines

By Yanir Dekel

AMERICAN DJ AND MUSICIAN MOBY is about to visit Israel as a part of his current world tour, and just like any other artist who visits, Moby also received a request from pro-palestinian activists not to perform in the country.

While other artists in the past year, such as Elvis Costello, Carlos Santana, ‘Metallica’ and ‘Duran Duran’ and Johnny Depp’s starlet wife Vanessa Paradis, have surrendered to Palestinian pressure for a cultural excommunication of Israel, Moby chose not to follow their leads and even wrote about it in his blog during the weekend. “I’m sorry if my decisions to visit certain countries are troubling to some people,” he wrote, “but my decision to play music in a country is purely based on a desire to connect with people through music. A visit to a country isn’t a condemnation or an endorsement of the domestic or foreign policies of that nation’s current government.”

Further more, Moby claims in his blog: “If you go to America does that mean you support American foreign and domestic policy? Does a visit to America mean that you support Guantanamo? If you visit the UK does that mean you’re a happy supporter of David Cameron? I’m guessing the answer is: no.”

Moby’s 10th album, ‘Destroyed’, was released in May this year and you can buy it here. The works of Elvis Cotello, Carlos Santana, and ‘Metallica’ are not available for purchase here. As to the works of Vanessa Paradis… well, who cares?!

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