Goldie is a Jewish Grandma (Again)

By Yanir Dekel

IT SEEMS KATE HUDSON ONLY HAS BABIES WITH rock band members. Her first son’s daddy is Chris Robinson from the ‘Black Crows,’ and on Saturday morning she gave birth to her second son, who is yet unnamed, with Muse’s head vocalist Matt Bellamy. What’s wrong with a nice doctor or orthodontist? … but we’ll bet to that later.

Hudson, 32, doesn’t want her pals to give her fancy strollers or couture jumpers. Instead, she asked for “celebration trees” to be planted via Barcham Trees, a British service used by Queen Elizabeth herself. She similarly asked for tree-plantings instead of pricey presents at her June 5 baby shower in Malibu, attended by folks like Courteney Cox, Rachel Zoe and Nicole Richie. She also plans to temporarily leave LA for London with Ryder (her oldest child, now 7) and the baby, while her future husband records his band’s new album in his native land.

Kate’s mother is Goldie Hawn – and Kate’s grandmother was VERY Jewish (what, haven’t you heard ‘The Hannukah Song?!’), and tried to influence Kate to light candles on Friday evenings and stuff, but since she got older she never saw a synagogue from the inside. Even though according to Jewish law Kate IS Jewish (you know, if born to a Jewish mother you have to suffer), and even read from the writings of young Jews in the 2005 documentary ‘I’m Still Here: Real Diaries of Young People Who Lived During the Holocaust,’ her fiancé is a super-goy, so don’t be surprised if she names her new son Chris or something. Blame Queen Elizabeth for that.

FYI- Cidars Sinai must be the best source for gossip this weekend, because on Sunday morning Victoria Beckham gave birth to her baby girl, Harper Seven Beckham. Don’t be confused with the ‘Seven’. It’s “only” her forth kid. And as long as David Beckham is still hot, there’ll may be plenty more babies to come.

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