Israeli Singer Ivri Lider Goes Disco

By Yanir Dekel

IVRI LIDER MUST BE the biggest gay male Israeli artist ever to cross the Mediterranean Sea and create a small fan base in Europe and America. He’s hot, he’s talented, and he certainly knows how to use his “gayness” to charm even the goyim. Now it seems like he’s starting to focus on his international career even more, with a new song, entitled ‘D.I.S.C.O.’, which contains a sample of the 80’s European-Mega-hit with the same name.

But if you look for the name Ivri Lider in this project, you may have to read between the lines, because Lider, accompanied by a 21-year-old rising music producer Johnny Goldstein, calls this pop-oriented project ‘TYP’, which stands for “The Young Professionals”, and he is not ashamed to say that this project, which is very polished and well presented as seen in the video, also includes a graphic designer and an internet artist. Even the music video director, Guy Sagi, who came back to Israel after a few years living in LA, has a huge part in the group’s look-and-feel. “The name describes something from within our lives, from who we are,” Lider told Ynet this week. “We are young men who are relatively professional in what they do because we take our work seriously. It’s basically all about where your boundaries are. When the work is our life and when our life is only work. I think every artist in any field can relate to that.”

What Jewish mother wouldn’t be proud of such a son: Gay? Yes. Musician? Yes. Doctor? No. But at least he’s hugely successful.


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